The areas of focus here include:

Geography of the Bible: The teaching of the Pentateuch and Historical Books of the Old Testament Classification of the Prophets in the Old Testament and application of their teachings in the current context,

The Wisdom literature and the Psalms of the Old Testament and Application of their teaching in the current context

The New Testament The Johannine literature:

Sources of teaching in the Catholic Church: The Tradition, The Scripture, The teaching office of the Church (Living Magisterium), Natural Law i.e, Human Reason and Human Experience.

The Liturgy: The Structure of the Mass The Liturgical Calendar/Season The Liturgical Colours

The Seven Sacraments of the Church

The Law: The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Commandment and The rules of the Church.

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Historical development Veneration and NOT Adoration Biblical foundation.

The Religions of the World: Major Religions Minor Religions

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