Mary’s Hymns

Hymns of Praise in the Gospel of Luke

There are Hymns that are given to praise Mary in the Gospel of Luke

  1. Short Hymn of Elizabeth
  2. Magnificant of Mary
  3. Benedictus of Zachariah
  4. The Nunc Dimitus of Simeon

Luke in his Gospel, shows that Mary is a model of the Christians because of the following:-

  1. She is full of Grace
  2. The Lord is with Her
  3. She has found favour
  4. The Spirit comes upon Her
  5. She is the servant of the Lord
  6. Blessed among women
  7. Mother of my Lord
  8. Blessed because she believed
  9. God has done great things for Her
  10. All Generations will bless her
  11. She is the reflective person
  12. Meditating on events and words
  13. Connected with the plan of God

Mary can boast of a Child who is unique. As prophesied by the Prophets in the Old Testament, the Child will be great, Son of David. Son of Mary and Son of God. The Prophets said:-

  1. A King forever – Davidic Kingship
  2. He will be Holy
  3. He will be Son of God
  4. He will be Saviour – Yahweh Saves
  5. He will be Christ – Anointed one
  6. He will be Lord – Elizabeth St. Paul uses the word Lord.

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