Mary in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 2

Matthew 2:1-12

The Magi, are presented as seeing Mary as the Mother of the King. Here, Mary’s Jesus is presented as a King. While the Kings lived in Jerusalem, the new King of the Jews is born in Bethlehem in Judea, meaning that Herod would not be happy.

Mary is called the Queen Mother. In the Jewish tradition, Mother of a King is called a Queen Mother. Now, Queen Mothers are important because if it is hard to reach the King, then you can reach the King through the Mother.

Mary presents the Child to the Gentiles, this was prophesied that the Child will be presented to the Gentiles. Here, Joseph is out of the picture, Matthew tells us that the Magi go and know the Mother and not the Father.

Matthew 2:13-15, 20

When the Angels comes to Joseph, tells him; “take the child and its Mother” and not “ take Mary and your Child”, Matthew tries to tell us the relationship between the Mother and the Child. Maryis always presented to us as the Mother of the Child rather than the wife of Joseph.

Matthew, brings out Mary as the virgin Mother. Matthew insists that Joseph did not accept the pregnancy as his. Therefore, there are two very important and fundamental ideas, which are:

  1. The Mother hood of Mary points to the humanity of Jesus (Human Nature)
  2. While the virginity points to the transcendence, that is the Divinity if Jesus (Divine Nature)

Joseph is also seen as an upright man, this means that there is the desire to do the will of God. Then, there are two ways of looking at Joseph so as to know that Mary has a child:

  1. Normal Fear – Joseph would denounce Mary secretly so as not to humiliate Mary,but not to marry her. Joseph in normal circumstance, would be afraid that as a man, he should not take a woman who is pregnant.
  2. Reverential fear – Joseph withdrew because of the mystery of the fear of what he saw. Fear that Mary is Holy because of her contact with Divine and fear because as Human, he is a sinner.  Reverential fear describes the fear we have for God because we are sinners, and so, we do not want to lose that relation with God and vanish in sin. Mary was too Holy for him to go near her.

What the Ange revealed to Joseph is oriented towards the importance of the Child and towards the identity of this Child. In order to reveal the identity of this Child, Joseph shows; Faith, availability, generosity and obedience.

Joseph adoptive Fatherhood of Jesus, also points to our adoptions as sons and daughters of God. Here we see Jesus enjoying three son ships:

  1. From the Father for His Divine Nature
  2. From Mary for his Human Nature
  3. From Joseph his Human social status

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