Mary In Mark

Mary in the Gospel of Mark

Mark 3:31-35

Mark gets his authority from Peter, therefore, Mark is not a firsthand witness of Jesus. Mark does not talk about Mary in terms of identifying her because he did not witness her, so heh had no first hand experience about Mary.

Mark talks about Mary by introducing two kinds of families:

  • Natural Family
  • Family in the Faith

Natural Family

This is the kind of family that one is born out of a conjugal love between a man and a woman. Jesus denounces the natural family and sets out to invite all to a new kind of Family.

Family in the Faith

By denouncing the Natural family, Jesus does not oppose this natural family, but rather sets a new scenario, where all who believe in Him, become the members of the Family in Faith.

When Mark talks about Natural Family, he knows that Jesus is bound by His Mother and his Kin, but does not talk about Joseph. Since Joseph is not mentioned, then Mark would simply take Joseph to not be the Father of Jesus in a virginal way (Biologically).

The Natural family has no consequence as opposed to the Family in faith that has a consequence. It is in the context of the family in faith that His Mother, Brothers and Sisters come to talk to Jesus in terms of natural family, while Jesus has a new family in faith where there is no place of races, pride of culture, social class, power, money or sect.

In this text (Mk 3:31-33), we can have two opposing dimensions of negative and positive interpretation:

  • Negative – Jesus denounces his natural family
  • Positive – Jesus invites his natural family to join his family in the faith. In this regard, if Mary became the Mother of Jesus, it was because she believed, welcomed, loved and served the word of God and offered herself to the Word of God as a servant. (For instance, the magnificat)

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