Marian Dogmas

Marian Dogmas:

It is important to know and acknowledge that the Teaching of the Church about Mary, has been controversial. Nevertheless, The Roman Catholic Church has maintained that the four Dogmas are without error and we should believe. I personally know the difficulty of teaching the Dogmas and especially where to those to whom I impart, and without referencing to the Scripture.

Since we are in an era where there is need of reasonability of what is taught, I always love acknowledging the fact that both Scripture and Tradition are the major sources of teaching in the Catholic Church. Both communicate the Word of God in its fullness. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Nos 80-83)

Scripture guides the Tradition and the Tradition interprets the Scripture. It is Only through the Tradition, that the Scripture becomes applicable to a context. The Tradition that is transmitted orally, was converted into text and preserved in the Scripture by the Council of Nicea in 325AD. Therefore, it will be important to note that Tradition interpretes Mary and to this fact, the Marian Dogmas are contained in the Church as authentic teachings.

The Church has proclaimed four Marian Dogmas:

  1. Immaculate Conception
  2. Virginity
  3. Mother of God
  4. Assumption

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Immaculate Conception

This Dogma teaches that Mary at her conception was without sin. It is a teaching that Mary was preserved from original sin. It is Mary who is Born without sin. By the fact that Mary refers to her son as my savior, this points to her being preserved from the original sin. In this sence, you may look at it as though it was a vaccine given in order to prevent in infection, where a medication is given to cure an infection. Might as well say, that Mary didn’t need infant Baptism.

So, creation comes with salvation: this means that when God creates, He creates with an end. This is why the Church is confident when teaching that Mary was destined to Heaven. God Created and preserved her from original sin and destined her to Heaven, because she is the Mother of God.

Mary is a sacred vessel, and a sacred vessel is like a sacred object. In the Church we preserve sacred object with respect because they are Holy, for instance, it would be inappropriate to use a chalice for tea at my sitting room, since the Chalice if meant for the Holy Blood of Christ. Mary too was preserved because she was to bear God the Holy of Holies.


This Dogma teaches that Mary was a virgin before, during and after giving Birth to Christ.

So, Mary was a Virgin because of First, She knew no man and second; she conceived by the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel of Mark, there is a mention of the Brothers of Jesus, it is important to note that from a Jewish cultural point of view, there is the notion of having children for the community, that is, the children of my brother or my sister are also my children. Culture would refer to children this way, and today, this notion is what we refer to as cousins.

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Mary In Jewish Culture

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Mother of God

Referring to Mary as the Mother of God means that Mary gave Birth to Jesus who is God the second person of the Trinity. She is the God Bearer ‘Theotokos”.

Jesus received the human biological factors from Mary, He receives the social status from Joseph (referring to Him as son of the Carpenter) and Divine status from God-Head.

A logical Statement would be this way:

                Premise 1: Mary is the Mother of Jesus

                Premise 2: Jesus is God

                Conclusion: Therefore, Mary is the Mother of God.

Pre-vatican periob made a mixup of the truths of Mary and made it seem that all Marian Dogmas are of the same value. So a lot of emphasis was laid upon Mary which ended up spoiling her; for instance, If I have a child whom I give all the good things that he/she wants, I will end up spoiling them. However Vatican II makes clear distinction through the Hierachy of truths. Vatican two distinguished there are truths of the first Order and truths of the second order.

A good example of Truths of First Order is: One God then a Truth of a Second Order would be that Mary is the Mother of God. therefore, the lower degree of truth is meant to lead one to a much higher truth.

I would consider Mary as the Mother of God as a higher truth than maybe assumption, never the less, they are both truths.


From the term assumption, we can connote that there is a meaning of being taken to Heave both Body and Soul. There are also Biblical figures who were assumed to Heaven both Body and soul such as Prophet Elijah and who?. Now, since Mary was preserved from original sin, and destined to Heaven, then she is properly assumed to Heaven. It is here that she becomes the Queen of Heaven.

Seven Sacraments

Infant Baptism

Mary In Jewish Culture

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