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I would like to express my joy to Bishop Barron the Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angels, who has tauht me and given me the courage to teach. Bishop Barron, gave me this great insight on the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, according to the Gospel of John Chapter 6, and this is what I wish to reconcile with the doctrine of transubstantiation in my previous article. Here it is…..

John 6

First, the Church teaches that Jesus is really present in the appearance of Bread and Wine

The discoursr in John Chapter six, on the multiplication of Bread, is an event that changes reality.

We see Jesus saying: Do not look for bread that perishes, but look for bread that last intoeternal life, I am the living bread that came down from Heaven, Eat my flesh and Drink my Blood.

At this point, the crowd reacts negatively, and this is because, for them, what Jesus has just said is unacceptable, because through out the Old Testament, it was strictly forbidden to eat animal flesh with blood, since blood was considered as life and belonging to God.

Here Jesus suggests the eating of flesh, and not just animal flesh, but His onw flesh and His own Blood.

At this point, He is given an opportunity to explain what he means, for instance, when Jesus tells Nichodemus in John 3, that one must be born again in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and clarifies that by telling him of a spiritual birth.

So, in John 6, Jesus doent seem to explain the meaning of His words, but instead, He intensifies this discourse by saying, “Amen amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh and drink the blood, you have no life….” “My flesh is real food and real blood”

So how could this be?

This is possible because of who Jesus is. His words have the power to transform reality.

The power of the word:

Words can describe and words can effect reality. If you are told by a uniformed police officer that “you are under arrest”, automatically, that transforms the reality. This changes you from a free citizen to somebody else whose status changes to maybe a suspect of a criminal. That is possible only through the words of a police officer, as opposed to the words of a driver telling you about arrest.

Now, imagine of the Divine Word:

In Genesis, God speaks the Word into Being: “let there be” and a new reality comes into being.

Jesus as a Divine Being, becomes the word by which God creates the universe, into flesh, in the New Testament and this is why what Jesus says in the Gospels becomes reality: for instance:

  • “Little girl get up” – Jairus Daughter
  • “Lazarus come out” – Ressurecting
  • “My son your sins are forgiven” – the leper

The words of Jesus are effecting reality.

Before He died, Jesus took the Bread and said: “ Take it all of you and Eat it, this is my Body”…..”cup of my Blood, drink”.

What Jesus says, it becomes, because of who he is, His words have the power to transform reality at the most fundamental level; this is the claim of the Church.

A Priest at mass effects the Eucharistic change, because he speaks in the person of Christ, by moving into the first person:

When he says, “Take this all of you and eat it, this is my Body” he speaks with full authority of Christ, which is why the word used has the power to change the elements, just as a uniformed police officer’s words of arrest, have the power (civil law) to change reality.

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