Annunciation (Mary in the New Testament)

In a brief sense, I would like to look at the Gospel of Luke 1:26ff.

This is the annunciation, and it is important to look at three critical issues which make the encounter between the Angel and Mary:

  1. Mary was a Virgin
  2. She be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit
  3. House of David

Mary was a Virgin

A virgin in the Old Testament were also reffered to as a Maiden. This is someone who has not been married (Mary said: How can this be since I do not know any man).

A Virgin/Maiden in the O.T are those who were to be presented for marriage and who know no man/woman (Those who have not engaged in sexual intercourse)

In the days of Mary a girl of the ages between 15-18 was a virgin – I am 99% sure, because I have a jew friend who told me this from a Jewish cultural point of view.

She be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit

By virtue of her virginity and the Holy Spirit, Mary becomes the Mother of God. Virginity is a sign of purity and this is what contributes to her being the New Ark of the Covenant. As an Ark, She has to be preserved from the stain of sin because she is going to bear God in her.

Marian Dogmas

Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

Infant Baptism

Remember for instance, I cannot use Cyborium/Chalice at my room for drinking tea, since the Cyborium/Chalice is meant to preserve the Body and Blood of Christ – An Ark for the Blood of the New Covenant.

Fr. Robert Kyeyune, Servite, said “Mary is a Virgin before, during and after, since God who is divine can never corrupt. Because of who He is, He preserves and purifies her Virginity.

House of David

It was and is impossible for a virgin to become pregnant from the cultural point of view. The Child to be born is given to the House of David. Since Mary is not of the House of David, it is achieved through Joseph, who is of the House of David.

In the Jewish culture, a child belongs to the Jew by; first, Naming, where the Father Names. Joseph names the Child as Jesus when he is asked, Matt.1:19f Shows how Jesus came to be of the House of David through Joseph. Secondly, through Circumcision. We get to see that all infant males were circumcised at the age of 8 days, this was demanded by God in the Old Testament, which is similar to the New Testament Baptism.

Therefore, Annunciation is both to Mary and Joseph. For Mary, gets the Annunciation through the Angel Gabriel where as Joseph gets the Anounciation in a dream.

Marian Dogmas

Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

Infant Baptism

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