Catechesis – About the Site

The Group of believers which Christ left, is what we call Church today.

The mission of the Church is to commit all its resources as commanded by Christ at Matthew 28:18-20. To make disciples of all nations, Baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to teach all that Christ has commanded. Then Christ gives a command, that he will be with us, until the end of time.

Image depicting Jesus and His Apostles.

I am a Catechist, and in my work, I do my duties with passion and love. After my Secondary education, I have dedicated my self to the Church (Roman Catholic Church), so as to participate in the work of evangelization. Therefore, this site is intended to give catechetical articles that may be helpful to any reader that is willing and open to the teaching of the Catholic Church. The site is also open to criticism and also any helpful materials, for which are all for the purposes of the evangelization of the people of God.

In this platform, the articles shall focus mainly on the teaching of the Catholic Church, that is in the Sacraments, the Liturgies, the teaching of the Prophets from the Old Testament and their application in the modern context, and many more.

Bread from Wheat and wine from Grape Fruits

There shall be also a special focus on the Eastern Churches (Oriental Churches), which use the Greek Rite. This will be just an eye opener, to see the universality of the Catholic Church. The most important thing is to note that the Second Vatican Council taught the importance of Christian unity in the Decree Unitatis Redintegratio. This document is a special call to unity of all Christians because we believe that  Christ willed; we may all be one. And may the will of Christ be done.

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