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Mary in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 1

Matthew begins by showing that Mary is within a family and Jesus belongs to a family. Matthew is concerned about Joseph being a key player in bringing up Jesus, while Luke is concerned with Mary. Within the genealogy, Matthew situates Joseph belonging to the House of David, where Mary is betrothed.

Matthew testifies in the evolution in the perception of the Mother and her role.

In Matthew, there is contrast between the infancy and the passion of Jesus, for instance:

  1. Matt. 2:2, Jesus would be King of Jews and at the Passion of Jesus, he is King of Jews Matt. 27:37.
  2. Matt. 1:21, He saves his people from their sins and at last supper, He says “this is my blood for the forgiveness of sins”, Matt. 26:28
  3. Matt. 1:20, 24, And 2:19, 13, the Angel of the Lord appeared and in the passion, the Angel of the Lord descended, Matt. 28:2.
  4. Matt. 2:11, the Magi worshipping Jesus and the disciples worshipping Jesus at Matt. 28:17
  5. Matt.1:22-23, He is Emanuel and at passion and resurrection, he says “I am with you always”, Matt. 28:20.

Matthew begins with genealogy of Jesus because for him, this is very important:- This is to show the new ancestor, new person coming to fulfill the good news.

Matthew begins the genealogy with Abraham, then goes to David, to Exile then Joseph then Jesus, while Luke traces Jesus back to David, Abraham, Adam and God.

This genealogy places Jesus within a community even though it is Christ centered (Christological). This shows how Jesus came from a sinful people and came to save us. A sinful people in Gen. 38: Judah, seen in the genealogy Matt.1:1-18.

Virginal Conception

According to Mark, the virginal conception was not the work of man, but the work of God, Jesus born of a virgin. Therefore, for both Luke and Matthew, put Joseph aside at conception.

Matthew: Child who is Emanuel (God with us)

Luke: Mary the Mother of Jesus

In Matthew 1:1-18, Joseph is important in giving the Davidic lineage, (Genealogy).

Matthew devotes/dedicates two chapters of his Gospel to the infancy of Jesus. Joseph comes first, and a careful reading shows that the family receives the first place, because a child has a Mother, a Father, a Family, He becomes one of us and He is named as Son of David.

In the genealogy, only man begets, then at the end, genealogy changes by focusing on Mary. Matthew isolates all women in the genealogy and singularly brings in Mary as the woman. He then removes Joseph from the conception of Jesus, Matthew does not contemplate Joseph, eventually, only one woman triumphs, that is Mary’s maternity.

According to Matthew, the personal promise made to David to have a descendant reigning forever is realized in Jesus. This genealogy appears in the sense that, Matthew tries to give who gave birth to who. It is not fictitious.

St. Augustine states: – Virginity is honoured not because it is virginity, but because it is dedicated to God. It can also be dedicated to culture, but our concern here is dedication to God, this is why in the Catholic Church, we have celibate life, where it is easier to live a life of chastity as opposed to evangelicals and Protestants.

Mary symbolizes the People of Israel and the New People of Israel (The Church). Justas Israel was chosen and consecrated to God, so also Mary is chosen to carry Jesus. These were not the best people, but God had a purpose.

In Matthew, Joseph is quite often recognized as Father of Jesus but never at conception. In both Luke and Matthew, Mary and Joseph were not living together.

Joseph became the legal Father by giving a name to the Child. We see Zechariah was asked to give the name of John the Baptist, this happened in the Jewish culture.

To call Joseph the Father of Jesus, is to recognize the seriousness of legal Fatherhood that through it, Jesus really becomes the son of Joseph and a descendant of David.

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